General (FAQs)

How much does the Flexstone / Tufflex system cost?

The standard colour coat system costs about the same as heavy duty vinyl. The Flexstone system costs a couple dollars more but is about half the price of comparable exposed aggregate finishes. After taking the lifespan of the product(20-30 yrs) into account, Tufflex is the reasonably priced product on the market. For a detailed quote or to find a dealer in your area contact us via our contact page.

What is the lifespan of a Flexstone / Tufflex sundeck?

For residential applications with low to moderate traffic the coating will last for decades. The base coat is not likely to ever wear out & can be re-coated anytime.

How does Flexstone / Tufflex differ from other urethanes?

Other urethanes contain nasty solvents that don't allow the product to achieve a thick coat of protection. Flexstone/Tufflex contains no solvents and goes on thick.

How much traction does a Flexstone / Tufflex deck have?

The Standard System and the Flexstone System both are slip resistant and this can be controlled as needed for additional traction in safety sensitive situations.

How does Flexstone / Tufflex stand up to mud, oil spills and other tough stains?

The Flexstone / Tufflex system is stain resistant. Non-corrosive liquids will not penetrate the material to cause lingering marks. Even the most stubborn stains, such as burn marks, can be easily repaired by homeowners with some sanding and a minimal amount of finish coat over the troubled area.