Dealers and Applicators (FAQs)

How does Flexstone / Tufflex perform in cold weather?

Outstanding! Flexstone / Tufflex was designed to deal with the extreme weather and wear conditions existing at ski-resorts and other harsh environments!

Where can I get step-by-step installation instructions?

Detailed instructions are available in the Techs & Specs section of the website.

Who is the Canadian distributor for Flexstone / Tufflex?

Flexstone Coatings out of Vancouver, British Columbia, is the Canada-wide distributor for Flexstone / Tufflex products and a number of other eco-friendly waterproofing products.

I'm an American, who can I contact about Tufflex products in the United States?

For information on Tufflex products south of the border, email or contact us and we will be happy to refer you to someone in your area.

How is Tufflex packaged?

The Tufflex base and top coats come in 5 gallon containers.

What is the coverage rate of Flexstone / Tufflex products?

The product's coverage varies according the roughness of the surface.

How long does it take to cure?

In optimum conditions, the Tufflex base will fully cure in a day but you can add cure catalysts to speed up the curing process. For details contact us or see the Step-by-Step Application Guide in the Techs & Specs section.

How long can I leave the base-coat unprotected before applying a top finish coat?

The base-coat should have the finish coat applied within a few days of application but if the base-coat must be left for a prolong period of time either use our primer or wipe down the base with Xylene (or a similar solvent) to ensure that the surface is clean and tacky for maximum adhesion of the finish coat.

Can Flexstone / Tufflex be used on vertical surfaces?

Yes! Flexstone Tufflex can be thickened using powdered rubber or silicate sand. For details, see the Techs & Specs section of the website.

Can Flexstone / Tufflex be used to cover bad concrete finishing or spalding/flaking?

Yes! Our products used by many concrete specialists for crack repairs etc.

As a dealer, what marketing materials are available to me?

A variety of marketing materials are available to dealers upon request - including websites, slide-shows, brochures and colour swatches. For details, contact us at