Architects and Engineers (FAQs)

How long has Flexstone / Tufflex been around?

Flexstone / Tufflex has in Canada for over 10 years and the US for over 15 years.

What is the lifespan of a Flexstone / Tufflex deck?

For residential applications where traffic is low to moderate, the Tufflex system will likely never wear out and can be re-coated any time. Commercial use 20+ years..

What is the difference between Flexstone / Tufflex and other urethane products?

Other urethanes contain nasty solvents that cause the product to go on too thin. achieve a thick coat of protection. Tufflex contains no solvents and goes on thick. Tufflex is in fact very difficult to apply thinely because of its naturally low viscosity. That means applicators are less likely and less able to cheat the system.

What approvals does Flexstone / Tufflex have?

Tufflex had CCMC approval for many years until the past distributor allowed them to expire. New approvals are in the process of being renewed.

What colours and/or finishes are available?

Flexstone / Tufflex has several finishes & colours available: Standard colour system has 4 colours and the FlexStone system has 3 blended colours however choices are unlimited if the job size warrants it.. Standard colours have slip resistant granule finish and the FlexStone simulates a rocky aggregate slip resistant surface
For details and colour swatches, please see the Features section of the website.