Is Flexstone / Tufflex eco-friendly?

Yes! Flexstone / Tufflex is unique among urethanes because it contains no solvents. It is uses water as a catalyst which means that there are no strong odours or nasty chemicals. You can sleep at night knowing that the surface of your new sundeck is safe for small children and family pets.

Flexstone / Tufflex is also LEED compliant. "On average, LEED buildings use 18-39% less energy per floor area than their conventional counterparts" (Energy and Buildings, 41, (8), pp. 897-905, DOI: 10.1016/j.enbuild.2009.03.014). Builders and home owners who accumulate LEED points may be entitled to tax breaks. Check to see if you are eligible for government sponsored promotions in your area.

Flexstone / Tufflex is also considered a "Green" product because it is a permanent waterproofing solution. Unlike vinyl decking, Tufflex lasts for decades and can be recoated at any time without replacing & disposing of the old surface. The scrap plywood and deck material removed when installing vinyl is also a huge amount of waste. No matter what the vinyl salesman tells you, vinyl is not green!
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